Reykjavik. What a gorgeous place.

I didn’t realise it at the time of booking, but booking a holiday for the first week in March was the best idea we’ve had in a while. Just when I getting really tired of going to work in the dark, having to come home after the sun had set and working stupid amounts of over time, I had a week off. And it was absolute bliss.

We visited the amazing Blue Lagoon for a relaxing spa day before setting of on an adventure to find the Northern Lights. (We were unlucky, sadly!) And finally a wee jaunt around the Golden Circle. We were only there for five days but it was lovely. Smelled a bit mind you thanks to their water but it was lovely none the less.

Iceland, I’ll probably be back one day. My Northern Lights tour voucher is still valid for a couple of years so that’s the perfect excuse.



Karkloof Canopy Tour

DSCN2111 DSCN2101 DSCN2082DSCN2079 DSCN2080 DSCN2071DSCN2077

Scott and I spent a morning zip-lining above and through the treetops just outside of Durban. It was so much fun! I definitely recommend it. I completely forgot to post some photos on here when I got back home.
When the weather is better here, I’ll be looking into doing Go Ape, a similar thing. I had a great time in the trees! 🙂


  IMG_7941 IMG_7946 IMG_7971 IMG_7975 IMG_7977 IMG_8021 IMG_8067

We spent a few days of our second week in South Africa in Pretoria. What a lovely city filled with gorgeous Jacaranda trees. We spent an afternoon at the zoo before getting to go and play with three lion cubs that were only four months old at the Farm Inn! It only cost 100 Rand and lasted 20 minutes but it was well worth it. They play with each other biting them as hard as they can as it doesn’t hurt them, but it does hurt humans! Most bites I didn’t feel as they were on more padded areas such as my thighs or my bum, but I was bitten in the ribs after one of the cubs sneaked up behind me and took me down. It was very painful and the mark is still there three weeks on! Good story to tell people, eh? I don’t really mind too much though cause it was still loads of fun. 🙂



IMG_7863 IMG_7341 IMG_7346 IMG_7417 IMG_7449 IMG_7465 IMG_7489 IMG_7503 IMG_7563 IMG_7642 IMG_7680 IMG_7731 IMG_7746 IMG_7786 IMG_7799 IMG_7820

I spent my first week in South Africa on a private game farm outside of Kruger National Park where there was no phone signal, no tv or radio and no internet. It was such a brilliant week! It involved early mornings, afternoon naps and late night game drives where we hope to spot The Big Five and various other wild animals. By 9am on the first morning there, I had a cider in my hands and 3 male lions in front of me. That night Dave, Scott and I lay on the dried river bed looking at the stars – a very dumb thing to do as these huge dangerous wild animals were all around. But a brilliant view none the less. Perfect.  Every night we had a braai, thanks to Dave and my uncle Matthew and the food was delicious! I got to stand between the to trees that the elephants rub themselves on and proved that I am no where near as tall as an elephant! On one of the hotter days we went to the pool next to the reception area and there was a warthog munching on some grass right next to us! I loved sitting round the fire at night or lying in bed and hearing the lions roar. Such an unforgettable week.

A fantastic start to my holiday!

Thanks to Scott for all the photos!