Making Time


I always used to find it really diffcult to find time for self care but now I’m making more of an effort and even though it’s early stages, I feel like it’s paying off.

I often find myself clenching my jaw when at work or even when just sitting watching tv and recently I came across an image posted on facebook, I can’t remember exactly what it said, but it was a reminder to let go of extra stress by dropping your shoulders and unclenching your jaw. And I had no idea that I was even doing both of those things until i read that post. So now, this week, I’ve been reminding myself at regular intervals to drop my shoulders, unclench my jaw and relax. Even when sitting at work. I wouldn’t say I’m a particularly stressed person but I do hold all that tension in my jaw and shoulders and it feels good to just let it go and remind myself to relax no matter what I’m doing or where I am.

I’ve also recently discovered how much better I feel in the mornings after I have breakfast before I leave the house for work. I’d been waking up and the car was covered in ice so I’d have to leave earlier to defrost the car or I’d be late for work. So I got myself into the bad habbit of preping my breakfast the night before by putting my cereal into a travel soup bowl so I could just grab it and go to eat it at work. Since it’s not as cold in the mornings anymore, I feel like I have a wee bit more time to have a less rushed morning.  The past two weeks I’ve been making a point of sitting down at the dining table to eat my cereal before I leave the house and it really has made me feel better. I’m not rushing as much in the morning, I still get to work on time, I’m not having to eat at my desk whilst working and I’m not having to wash my dishes in the rubbish kitchenette sink. Making more of an effort to start my day off right.

I’ve also been trying to not spend all my evenings on social media. I’m not always successful at this but the good weather has really helped because it means I’ve been sitting outside with a book enjoying the last of the days sunshine.

It also helps to just to the housework so it’s done and out the way. I’ve been working on this one this week.

Next change – making sure I go to bed early, regularly.

Small steps. Big result. Hopefully.

Photo by John Matychuk on Unsplash


Long Weekends

I was feeling really bored and uninspired and I felt like I really needed a break. I listened to some Ted talks whilst cooking dinner one night and went into work and requested that Friday and the next Monday off to just chill and have some self care. Scott then also requested those days off and I ended up having a wonderful weekend. My plan was to literally do nothing except to go the cinema one day and see The Greatest Showman. (This plan didn’t happen. I’ve still not seen it.)

On the Friday I got a haircut. I hadn’t had it cut in quite a while and my long hair had been bothering me; always getting caught in everything, taking far too long to dry after washing it, not being able to do anything with it other than put it in a messy bun cause it took so long to do in the mornings. Pinterest is such a great source of inspiration so I went in with a few pictures with a style in mind and came out with it shorter than I had imagined before I went in. I’d been thinking about getting a pixie cut but didn’t think I was brave enough to get that much cut off. My hair is really curly too, so I figured that might be a bit too much work to make it look nice on a daily basis. I had decided I wanted it to be a bit shorter than shoulder length but then whilst in the salon, I changed my mind. I ended up getting 14 inches cut off so I could donate it to The Little Princess Trust. That’s one thing I can mark off my to do list!

We went for lunch to Dobbies where we picked up some bulbs to plant in the front garden to try and make it look a wee bit nicer. The plan was to dig out all the weeds and overgrown plants around the grass over the weekend but it got pretty cold and the ground was frozen so that’ll have to wait.

Saturday morning Scott suggested a wee bit of hillwalking so we climbed Conic Hill. Nothing too intense, just a chilled walk and it was lovely – pretty cold mind you but it was good. On the way home we visited Pets at Home and picked up two new dward hamster friends, which we called Maple and Cashew. After our walk we decided a spa day would be lovely so searched for a deal and noticed the spa nearest to us had a winter deal so booked that for the Sunday.  What a lovely relaxing day which ended with a carvery dinner with Scott’s mum.

Monday was a day for food shopping and just relaxing in the house, knitting and playing games. There was an Unlimted screening at Cineworld so we went to see Game Night, which was pretty good. The Beast From the East appeared and it turned out Tuesday was the only day I managed to make it into work this week which basically turned my long weekend into a week and a bit at home. Working from home was great – sitting in my comfies with a cup of tea and my work laptop looking at the crap weather from the window.

A break was just what I needed and it ended up being for longer than expected.

How to Have a Relaxing Evening

  1. Pick out your favourite (large) mug. Jayne bought me this one as an early birthday present from the Disney store.
  2. Make your favourite hot chocolate. I recommend Whittards, they have such a wide selection of lovely flavours.
  3. Collect all the pillows you own and build them around you on your bed (add blanket for extra coziness).
  4. Get lost in a book, not worrying about work or the week ahead. I have just finished Reasons to Stay Alive and I’m halfway through The Girl on the Train, both of which are pretty great. 
  5. Enjoy. 😄