Long Weekends

I was feeling really bored and uninspired and I felt like I really needed a break. I listened to some Ted talks whilst cooking dinner one night and went into work and requested that Friday and the next Monday off to just chill and have some self care. Scott then also requested those days off and I ended up having a wonderful weekend. My plan was to literally do nothing except to go the cinema one day and see The Greatest Showman. (This plan didn’t happen. I’ve still not seen it.)

On the Friday I got a haircut. I hadn’t had it cut in quite a while and my long hair had been bothering me; always getting caught in everything, taking far too long to dry after washing it, not being able to do anything with it other than put it in a messy bun cause it took so long to do in the mornings. Pinterest is such a great source of inspiration so I went in with a few pictures with a style in mind and came out with it shorter than I had imagined before I went in. I’d been thinking about getting a pixie cut but didn’t think I was brave enough to get that much cut off. My hair is really curly too, so I figured that might be a bit too much work to make it look nice on a daily basis. I had decided I wanted it to be a bit shorter than shoulder length but then whilst in the salon, I changed my mind. I ended up getting 14 inches cut off so I could donate it to The Little Princess Trust. That’s one thing I can mark off my to do list!

We went for lunch to Dobbies where we picked up some bulbs to plant in the front garden to try and make it look a wee bit nicer. The plan was to dig out all the weeds and overgrown plants around the grass over the weekend but it got pretty cold and the ground was frozen so that’ll have to wait.

Saturday morning Scott suggested a wee bit of hillwalking so we climbed Conic Hill. Nothing too intense, just a chilled walk and it was lovely – pretty cold mind you but it was good. On the way home we visited Pets at Home and picked up two new dward hamster friends, which we called Maple and Cashew. After our walk we decided a spa day would be lovely so searched for a deal and noticed the spa nearest to us had a winter deal so booked that for the Sunday.  What a lovely relaxing day which ended with a carvery dinner with Scott’s mum.

Monday was a day for food shopping and just relaxing in the house, knitting and playing games. There was an Unlimted screening at Cineworld so we went to see Game Night, which was pretty good. The Beast From the East appeared and it turned out Tuesday was the only day I managed to make it into work this week which basically turned my long weekend into a week and a bit at home. Working from home was great – sitting in my comfies with a cup of tea and my work laptop looking at the crap weather from the window.

A break was just what I needed and it ended up being for longer than expected.



Reykjavik. What a gorgeous place.

I didn’t realise it at the time of booking, but booking a holiday for the first week in March was the best idea we’ve had in a while. Just when I getting really tired of going to work in the dark, having to come home after the sun had set and working stupid amounts of over time, I had a week off. And it was absolute bliss.

We visited the amazing Blue Lagoon for a relaxing spa day before setting of on an adventure to find the Northern Lights. (We were unlucky, sadly!) And finally a wee jaunt around the Golden Circle. We were only there for five days but it was lovely. Smelled a bit mind you thanks to their water but it was lovely none the less.

Iceland, I’ll probably be back one day. My Northern Lights tour voucher is still valid for a couple of years so that’s the perfect excuse.



2015-11-01 14.06.392015-11-01 11.22.29

Deciding to go to London for a house party seemed like a crazy idea. Then we did it. And it was mental. If everything had went to plan, it would have been an absolutely crazy excellent idea. Instead everything was against us but we still had a pretty great time. The worst part of the weekend by far was our flight home being delayed by two hours after we rushed to the airport fearing we were going to be late. Maybe next time we’ll stay for an extra day.




















The Easter Weekend happened to be my first weekend not having to work in a very long time so to celebrate Scott and I went to Manchester!

After arriving on Friday and wandering about for hours, we decided to stay out of the rain and out of the hotel room by going to see Kingsman: The Secret Service at the cinema at The Printworks.

On Saturday we went to the Science Museum where we went on a steam train ride! The rest of the day was spent just wandering around the city sightseeing and window shopping. At night we visited The Comedy Store and enjoyed dinner and a show. We paid for a bar meal and not a two course meal and it turns out the only difference is we didn’t have a starter or a table cloth like every other table had. We just looked as though we were on a really cheap date which was not the case as it still cost us £30 each! The show was excellent, as expected since Trip Advisor rated The Comedy Store as the sixth best thing to do in the city. Shame the third comedian of the night wasn’t that funny, bordering on just offensive. The rest of the acts were top class though.

Sunday morning started with breakfast at Teacup with poached eggs on sourdough bread and some delicious loose-leaf “Sunshine Earl Grey” tea, complete with timer so I’d have the perfect brew. We spent roughly two hours here drinking tea and eating cake and cookies. We wandered around in the sunshine some more and came across a pub called The Oast House who were hosting an outdoor music festival which was lovely, although we were sitting in the shade so it got a wee bit chilly.
The afternoon was filled with excitement at Lock In Escape where we had to escape from a locked room using clues from around the room. Not only was I locked in a room, but I was locked in a jail cell within this room and handcuffed to the bars. Very stressful but so much fun!
I went to The Alchemist cocktail bar after a friend recommended that we should pay a visit. Yes, it was a little pricey but the cocktails were fascinating. Scott got “The Colour Changing One” which came as two separate liquids, one blue and one clear, which you mix together to form a steaming pink drink. Excellent.

Sadly, Monday was home time. We went for breakfast in the morning, popped to the shops where I bought a train whistle (because why the hell not) then boarded the train to Carlisle where we had to change for a replacement bus. The bus journey wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be but the air con wasn’t working on the bus which could have been a total disaster if the driver hadn’t opened what windows she could.

I had a great wee weekend and would definitely pay Manchester another visit in the future.
















It’s a very rare occasion for both Scott and I to be off on the same day mid-week, so when we are we like to do something and not just sit about and waste the day. I had a meeting at work at 10am (which was cancelled and I didn’t know until I had arrived for it), so we went for breakfast at Costa before embarking on our adventure for the day. Last week we decided to go to Amazonia within M&D’s theme park with our friend Martin. Amazonia is an indoor tropical rainforest filled with exotic animals with the chance to hold some of them. Martin used to work there so he told us so many facts about all  the animals and what it was like when he worked there. We spent a good chunk of the day just watching the animals and got the chance to hold a snake, a rainforest beetle and a bearded dragon.
Afterwards we wandered around M&D’s although it is not open for season yet so all the rides were closed. We spent the afternoon posing with statues all around the park and playing in the amusements. Luckily we arrived at Pizza Hut just in time for the lunchtime buffet and we ate ourselves into a food coma. Later that night, Scott and I went to the Garage to see The Blackout for their last Glasgow show, which was a riot as always.

In work related news, I handed in my notice at the home six weeks ago and finished up on Sunday 29th March after six and a half years of employment there. I will miss working there and I will miss the residents but I needed more hours and better pay which they sadly could not give me. Now I currently only work in Greggs, which I really enjoy. This means I no longer have to work every single weekend and that feels great! To celebrate, I am going to Manchester for the Easter Weekend! It’s always nice to get away for a bit.

New Year In Amsterdam

2015-01-05 20.20.11DSCN0036
















After brining in the bells in Diemen at Dai’s eleventh floor flat with a spectacular view of the fireworks, Scott and I stayed in the Citizen M hotel in Amsterdam city centre. We got two free drinks on arrival, just for being a “citizen” which we didn’t realise until our last night! I highly recommend the Citizen M chain of hotels – just as long as your comfortable sharing EVERYTHING with the person you are staying with as the rooms aren’t very private for showing or going to the loo. But the beds are massive, the mood lighting is fab and the rain shower is amazing. The staff are always friendly and the bar is pretty good!

On New Years Day we had breakfast at Anabelle’s where Dai made us pancakes (which are amazing with chocolate sprinkles – “so Dutch” apparently!) then we walked around the city observing the Festival of Light which is on at the moment. Dotted all over Amsterdam there are huge light exhibitions, some of which are interactive, some are in the canals, there’s even one in the sky. (We couldn’t see it but the sign assured us it was there.)

Day 2 Scott and I went to the House of Bols Experience and learned all about Genever and Bols liqueur. It’s an interactive tour with tasting, smelling and drinking involved. After you’ve smelled each flavour of liqueur you pick your favourite two and get taster shots at the bar at the end, along with a full sized cocktail of your choice. The flavour of shots I picked were banana and passion fruit and both were amazing! I went for a peach cheesecake cocktail and I honestly think it’s the best cocktail I’ve had in my life. Scott had a whiskey sour and said it was brilliant too. I’d recommend paying the House of Bols a visit if you’re in the area.

We paid a visit to the Van Gogh museum which we got to skip the queue just by sheer chance that we arrived after one queue lane was filled and we got to go to another one. Later that day we went to the Rijksmuesum, the National Museum of the Netherlands. That museum is huge! That night we just had drinks in the hotel with Julie and Muzzy before watching a few of the movies on demand provided for free in the room!

On our final day we went to the Anne Frank Huis, We sadly had to queue for two hours since we didn’t get up early enough to be there for opening but it was worth it. We had ham and cheese pancakes for lunch then walked to Centraal since we hadn’t made it that far into the centre yet. Sadly we could only walk about for a short period before having to get the tram back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and head for the airport. Such a good wee holiday in the Dam! There’s so much more to do so I will definitely be paying the city another visit in the future!

P.S all of these photos were taken by me on my new camera! No more relying on others for decent photos! 😀

Karkloof Canopy Tour

DSCN2111 DSCN2101 DSCN2082DSCN2079 DSCN2080 DSCN2071DSCN2077

Scott and I spent a morning zip-lining above and through the treetops just outside of Durban. It was so much fun! I definitely recommend it. I completely forgot to post some photos on here when I got back home.
When the weather is better here, I’ll be looking into doing Go Ape, a similar thing. I had a great time in the trees! 🙂