Free time

Here is a list of things that have happened since abruptly leaving my job on Tuesday:

  • I had a long lie. On a weekday. And done nothing all day.
  • I went to Dundee to visit my sister and bought things to make her new flat feel homely.
  • We found a potential new house. Scott and our families went to view it. He called solicitors and we sorted out an agreement in principle.
  • I went to Let’s Eat Glasgow and ate some amazing food.
  • I had an orange hot chocolate and felt instantly Christmasy.
  • I posted my zone card for a refund on the remaining three weeks that I no longer require for my notice period.
  • I posted more letters this week than I have in the past few years.
  • I tried weetabix and I can’t believe I refused it as a child. 
  • I tried some beer. Still disgusting.
  • I stopped hoarding empty perfume bottles. I really need to get more to replace the finished ones.
  • Bullet journalling.
  • Played games in a pub for the first time. Who knew staking mini plastic chairs was so fun.



Since leaving Campbell Snowdon House, I decided (after some others advised) to have a leaving night. That night was on Friday and of course, none of the people I worked with even attended because they are rubbish. I anticipated this though and invited a whole host of others to join me celebrating not having to work every weekend and having a better job. I had no real plans for the night and after checking out NYC on Hope Street and seeing it was far too busy, we popped next door to Swing. I’ve been on various nights out that were supposed to happen at Swing but ended up being elsewhere and had heard good things about the place so we were delighted to find out it was pretty quiet and not all the tables were booked for the night, plus we were early enough to not have to pay to get in. Bonus! Initially we were only going to stay for a couple of drinks then move on but it got busier and the band for the night, The Fortunate Sons, started and we fell in love with the place. Swing is a 1920’s themed bar with live acts each night including acrobats, burlesque and bands providing excellent live music and we had the best night! I highly recommend it if you’re having a night out in Glasgow and we will be going back for sure in the near future! I took my Instax Mini 8 with me and took the pictures above. I love that wee camera.

It’s been a busy week this week! Not only was it my “leaving night” on Friday but on Wednesday a few of the Greggs ladies and myself went to see 52 Shades of Maggie at the Pavilion theatre after going for dinner first. The show itself was all right, but apparently the first one was a lot funnier than this one. Still a good night none the less. Thursday night saw us catching up with a few people and going to see the new Avengers film at the cinema which was pretty good.
At Christmas I bought Scott a make your own cider kit which he finally made and we all got to drink on Saturday night. It turned out very nice so well done Scott! (and me too for picking the right kit ;)) We made a night of that by ordering in pizzas (and Chinese for me!), playing beer pong and watching stuff on Netflix.

What a good week. 🙂















It’s a very rare occasion for both Scott and I to be off on the same day mid-week, so when we are we like to do something and not just sit about and waste the day. I had a meeting at work at 10am (which was cancelled and I didn’t know until I had arrived for it), so we went for breakfast at Costa before embarking on our adventure for the day. Last week we decided to go to Amazonia within M&D’s theme park with our friend Martin. Amazonia is an indoor tropical rainforest filled with exotic animals with the chance to hold some of them. Martin used to work there so he told us so many facts about all  the animals and what it was like when he worked there. We spent a good chunk of the day just watching the animals and got the chance to hold a snake, a rainforest beetle and a bearded dragon.
Afterwards we wandered around M&D’s although it is not open for season yet so all the rides were closed. We spent the afternoon posing with statues all around the park and playing in the amusements. Luckily we arrived at Pizza Hut just in time for the lunchtime buffet and we ate ourselves into a food coma. Later that night, Scott and I went to the Garage to see The Blackout for their last Glasgow show, which was a riot as always.

In work related news, I handed in my notice at the home six weeks ago and finished up on Sunday 29th March after six and a half years of employment there. I will miss working there and I will miss the residents but I needed more hours and better pay which they sadly could not give me. Now I currently only work in Greggs, which I really enjoy. This means I no longer have to work every single weekend and that feels great! To celebrate, I am going to Manchester for the Easter Weekend! It’s always nice to get away for a bit.


















Amy and I always go and see McFly when they play in Glasgow, with the exception of that one time that I went to a wedding and had to give up my ticket, but we don’t talk about that. So when McBusted announced a second tour, I was up early to get us tickets in the pre-sale as always.

McBusted’s tour last year was honestly one of the best shows I think I’ve ever been to, so I had high hopes for this tour and they did not disappoint! Yeah, with it being the first night of the tour there were a couple of wee technical problems but nothing too major. I would definitely recommend getting yourself along to one of their concerts if they are playing near you and you get the chance. It’s high energy and will leave you wanting more. I’m always so sad when the show comes to and end and I’ll have to wait a year or two before seeing them again.

They are by far my favourite bunch of idiots. What an excellent combination of bands.

Shame I had work at 7am today or we would have made a night of it with dinner and cocktails before and after! Next time, for sure.


Darlia & Andrew McMahon

2015-02-25 12.53.26    2015-02-25 14.31.22

2015-02-25 15.51.47


This week has been a good one. It’s flown by, just like the rest of February. Wednesdays are Scott’s day off and this week it also happened to be my day off so we had some adventures. We made bacon and pancakes for breakfast before going to Glengoyne whisky distillery for a tour which included a wee taster of their 12 year old whiskey. After arriving home we made dinner and watched the final episode of Parks and Recreation. To finish off a brilliant day we headed to King Tut’s to see Darlia play. (Who were very good and you should check them out.)

Thursday saw the return of Andrew McMahon to the Oran Mor, so obviously Jayne and I were there. And he was excellent as always! It’s so good to seem him perform as a solo act, just him and his piano. I absolutely love listening to his songs stripped back and hearing old favourites such as Punk Rock Princess on piano without the rest of the band. Here’s hoping it’s not another two years before he returns to Glasgow.

The Electric Gardens

DSCN0316 DSCN0317 DSCN0322 DSCN0326 DSCN0328 DSCN0333 DSCN0334 DSCN0335 DSCN0348 DSCN0367

Scott and I went to The Electric Gardens at the Botanic Gardens in the West End of Glasgow. It’s part of the West End Festival and is only running until Sunday night. It was lovely to see the park lit up with so much colour. It was freezing though and not bringing gloves was a ridiculously poor choice made by me. We went for dinner afterwards at the Grosvenor Cafe in Ashton Lane before meeting Scott’s parents + their friends for some drinks at the Anchor Line and the Corinthian. Not bad for a Tuesday night.


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I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and that Santa was good to you!

I went out on the 23rd for drinks at The Record Factory in the West End for a Christmas catch up. I’d never been and it was very quiet (since it was a Monday) but nice and cosy! It’s a tradition to wear Christmas jumpers but sadly I couldn’t wear mine as I planned on wearing it in work the next day. [Side note: I got a part time job in Greggs! Loving it so far!] It seems that every year less and less people are sticking to this rule. Boo.

Turns out all I do these days is post other people’s photos on my blog. I would like to say those days will soon be over as I got two (!!) new cameras for Christmas. A compact digital one and an Instax Mini 8, which I absolutely love! What I don’t love about it is the cost of the film. It can be, for decorative film, over £1 per photo. Mental. Keeping an eye out for any deals! So far I’ve found Curry’s to be the best. I got took a trip down memory lane as I received a “magnetic drawing board” aka a Magnadoodle from back in the day! One of my favourite presents, for sure. Oh and my new cake mixer from Scott. I will be spending tomorrow baking something for sure!

I’ve been spending the last couple of days researching things to do in Amsterdam since I’m away to visit Anabelle over there for New Years celebrations! I’m so excited. Here’s hoping my next post will be filled with photos I have taken, and not everyone else around me this time!