I had no idea just how much work our garden would take. My plan was to just repaint the shed and tidy it up a bit – then we realised the shed was completely rotten and held together by duct tape. Disaster. 

Since the weather turned a little bit better, we’ve been out doing as much as we can to make it semi-decent. Starting with scarifying the grass, cutting back trees and bushes and de-weeding the soil areas. My goodness, what a mammoth task. Since I dug out all the dead/rotten/rubbish plants, all the soil is looking a little bare. Once we figure out exactly what we’re going to do we will add the plants – no point yet just to maybe dig them out again at a later date. It might look a bit bare but it looks a hell of a lot tidier than it did before!




Wild Strawberries

Wild Strawberries

Plants are my new obsession. For our last anniversary, Scott bought me an orchid (which is still alive!) and for Valentine’s day this year he gave me six (!!) mini cacti and a grow box for them to live in. So when I saw this mini Wellington boot kit for growing wild strawberries I just had to buy it! So far they are just wee tiny shoots and leaves but they are getting there!
All my plants live in the one corner of my room but they are starting to take over my chest of drawers. I won’t have space soon for many other things. Not complaining through, I love them and plan to buy plenty more! Definitely going to buy more wee rainy day garden boots in the future.