How to Have a Relaxing Evening

  1. Pick out your favourite (large) mug. Jayne bought me this one as an early birthday present from the Disney store.
  2. Make your favourite hot chocolate. I recommend Whittards, they have such a wide selection of lovely flavours.
  3. Collect all the pillows you own and build them around you on your bed (add blanket for extra coziness).
  4. Get lost in a book, not worrying about work or the week ahead. I have just finished Reasons to Stay Alive and I’m halfway through The Girl on the Train, both of which are pretty great. 
  5. Enjoy. 😄

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Jayne, Scott and I took part in Color Me Rad at the Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh a few weeks ago and it was so much fun! It was great being hit with colour every kilometre passed. I wanted to stay multicoloured for as long as possible!

Last weekend Caroline hosted her DIsney themed birthday party which I attended as Alice in Wonderland. Scott went as Jasmine from Aladdin. I hadn’t seen his costume before the night and it was awfully revealing. He went all out and put on some eye make up too. Looked great! haha. I had never been to the Classic Grand before and I had a great night! Shame I had to leave early for work the next day, although we planned on leaving at 12.30am, it ended up being 2.30am.

On Tuesday it was my graduation ball at the Corinthian Club! It was such a good night although the meal was only okay. Nothing special. In fact, the dessert was not nice. But I had a great night none the less. Scott and I stayed in the CitizenM hotel in Glasgow. It’s well fancy! Everything in the room is controlled by a tablet and the lights change colour. The rooms have a rain shower which is my new favourite thing and I need one in my house. New requirement when I move into my own place.

In the past 2 days I have applied for 8 jobs. Here’s hoping they get back to me! As well as looking for a job related to my degree, I’m looking for a job with more hours than my current job to get me by until I find that degree-specific job.