Festive Fun

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t find Christmas Day relaxing. Not at least until the evening when I’ve done everything else I need to and I’m sitting in front Β of the tv, probably in my pyjamas, eating from a tub of sweets gifted to me that day (probably Roses). I usually end up falling asleep during the Christmas episode of Doctor Who.

There’s just so much to do that I don’t seem to have time to just sit about doing nothing enjoying the gifts I’ve been given that day. I don’t even have to worry about cooking dinner or having the whole family round the house, so I can’t even imagine how busy and stressed the people who do must feel.

My normal Christmas Routine goes like this:

  • Get up, mega early of course because I’m too excited to sleep
  • Open presents once everyone is up
  • Eat or be forced to eat a breakfast which is not chocolate
  • Be rushed into the shower
  • Go to my aunts house to see the family
  • Home and tidy up the mess from the present unwrapping
  • Dinner
  • Sleep in front of the TV

This year is a bit different though, as I’m having Christmas dinner at Scott’s parents house. So, after seeing my family in the morning, it’s home, tidy, wait for his relatives to pop over then go to his mum’s for the evening. No pyjamas and falling asleep in front of Doctor Who tonight!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Christmas and if you’re hosting that you manage to grab a few minutes to yourself without having to hide in the bathroom! πŸ™‚

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Here are some things I’ve learned since getting the keys to my first house.

  • We need to get up at a reasonable time to open the blinds so people don’t know it’s not being lived in yet
  • We need to get up at a reasonable time because my dad and Allan who have been helping us start AT THE CRACK OF DAWN
  • Stripping wallpaper is a sweaty horrible mess when steam is involved
  • Wood chip wallpaper is the WORST and I will never be decorating any house I own with it ever
  • I know how to fill the holes in the walls and prepare them for painting with the use of pollyfilla and gyproc
  • Sanding is a messy, messy business. No matter how much you try and contain it, the stuff in the kitchen cupboard downstairs will still be covered in dust.
  • One bad game of League or Halo is enough to absolutely enrage Scott when he’s tired or stressed from working in the house.
  • You can stop squeaky floorboards by screwing every single one of them down to the rafters. I used about 500 screws in the master bedroom alone. But my goodness, what a difference it made.
  • Carpet is expensive
  • Christmas time isn’t an ideal time to move house/buy everything you need/only work part time.
  • Our elderly neighbours are the nicest people. We popped over to give them a Christmas present and stayed chatting for an hour and a half.
  • It’s all really hard work but once it’s all finished it’s definitely worth it.


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I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and that Santa was good to you!

I went out on the 23rd for drinks at The Record Factory in the West End for a Christmas catch up. I’d never been and it was very quiet (since it was a Monday) but nice and cosy! It’s a tradition to wear Christmas jumpers but sadly I couldn’t wear mine as I planned on wearing it in work the next day. [Side note: I got a part time job in Greggs! Loving it so far!] It seems that every year less and less people are sticking to this rule. Boo.

Turns out all I do these days is post other people’s photos on my blog. I would like to say those days will soon be over as I got two (!!) new cameras for Christmas. A compact digital one and an Instax Mini 8, which I absolutely love! What I don’t love about it is the cost of the film. It can be, for decorative film, over Β£1 per photo. Mental. Keeping an eye out for any deals! So far I’ve found Curry’s to be the best. I got took a trip down memory lane as I received a “magnetic drawing board” aka a Magnadoodle from back in the day! One of my favourite presents, for sure. Oh and my new cake mixer from Scott. I will be spending tomorrow baking something for sure!

I’ve been spending the last couple of days researching things to do in Amsterdam since I’m away to visit Anabelle over there for New Years celebrations! I’m so excited. Here’s hoping my next post will be filled with photos I have taken, and not everyone else around me this time!