Free time

Here is a list of things that have happened since abruptly leaving my job on Tuesday:

  • I had a long lie. On a weekday. And done nothing all day.
  • I went to Dundee to visit my sister and bought things to make her new flat feel homely.
  • We found a potential new house. Scott and our families went to view it. He called solicitors and we sorted out an agreement in principle.
  • I went to Let’s Eat Glasgow and ate some amazing food.
  • I had an orange hot chocolate and felt instantly Christmasy.
  • I posted my zone card for a refund on the remaining three weeks that I no longer require for my notice period.
  • I posted more letters this week than I have in the past few years.
  • I tried weetabix and I can’t believe I refused it as a child. 
  • I tried some beer. Still disgusting.
  • I stopped hoarding empty perfume bottles. I really need to get more to replace the finished ones.
  • Bullet journalling.
  • Played games in a pub for the first time. Who knew staking mini plastic chairs was so fun.

Working Girl


Last week saw the start of my science career! After graduating a year ago and only applying to NHS jobs and getting nowhere, I decided to branch out and apply for a whole bunch of other jobs within the life science industry. I was lucky enough to get an interview for one of the first posts I applied for. They phoned me the day after my interview and offered me a position as an associate scientist within the virology department!

One month later and I’m now working full time with weekends off which feels so good to know what days I’m working in advance so I can actually make plans! No more weekend shifts!

Sadly I don’t actually get paid until next month but in searching for something to buy with my first wage (“it has to be something big!” they said) I decided I should upgrade my tablet. A few years back I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and recently it has been really slow compared to other tablets friends and family have bought. It’s starting to show its age so I searched for the Google Nexus 9. Scott and my sister both have Nexus tablets which still run super fast a few years on and that heavily influenced my decision. In my quick search I found that the Nexus 9 was on sale with £120 off at Argos and Amazon and I just couldn’t pass that opportunity up! Thankfully my mum was able to help me with the money situation since I don’t get paid until next month. I went for the 32gb model which was only £100 off but that’s still a great deal.

I had a great wee weekend too – I went to see The Real Hoosewives Fae Glesga with the Greggs ladies, had a night out at the Cathouse, and had a long overdue catch up over lunch with Kirsten, Amy and Callum. I bought Callum a plant as a flat warming gift a couple of months ago and hadn’t seen him to give him it so he finally got it on Sunday!

Edinburgh Zoo Nights + Interviews

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I went to see the Dinosaur exhibition at Edinburgh Zoo as part of Edinburgh Zoo Nights which are over 18’s only nights for a few days in the summer. It was fun even though we had limited time in the place and my friends are all fun sponges and wouldn’t let me get my face painted – face painting is the best! There was live music, singing, comedy, a silent disco, and loads of cupcakes, ice cream and alcohol kiosks around the park which was nice. 🙂

I’ve been applying for tonnes of job recently. For a while I limited my job search to NHS jobs only which I know isn’t a good move but I was looking for jobs that weren’t just lab based and paid well. So in finding that I probably need to get experience from the not as well paying jobs means that I’ve applied to more and more of those. Good news is I was invited to two (yes, two!) interviews. The first one for a job with SNBTS and although I think the interview went all right, once I’d mentioned that I can’t drive, it went downhill pretty fast. So I highly doubt I’ll be offered that position since driving is essential to the post. The positive of the whole experience is that I now have experience in interviews. The only interviews I had ever had before was for Greggs and the last NHS one I attended I had to prepare a presentation – not your standard interview!
My next interview is next Wednesday, so fingers crossed! I don’t know how people can come across as super confident in interview situations. I suppose practise makes perfect, or fake it till you make it, eh?

The Job Hunt

Recently, I went to the Rekorderlig Spirit of Summer event at Club 29 in Glasgow. It was a lovely night with samples of new flavours of Rekorderlig, canapes, cocktails, BBQ of Swedish food, a photo booth, and face paint! They provided us with free flower crowns and sunglasses and even though it was outside, a bit rainy and cold, they have heaters all over the place to make us feel much warmer and more in the summer spirit!

I’ve had a sudden boost of motivation. I’ve spent the afternoon applying for jobs and looking out my holiday clothes. Although, I am a bit sceptical about applying for jobs right now as I’m away on holiday for a whole month, so I have to state that if I am selected for the interview process, I’m not actually available until 29th of October. Bit rubbish, as if they would delay the interview process/save me a place. Who knows, the NHS jobs I’ve applied for state that I should (if successful) hear back within 6 weeks. Hopefully, (if successful) I’ll hear back towards the end of my holiday.

I’ve not been too successful on the job searching front, yet. I had an interview for a clinical scientist trainee post which went well, but unfortunately I wasn’t selected. I got a phone call just a few hours after the interview stating that although my interview was good, all the candidates were very strong and it just wasn’t to be. I’ve tried phoning up several times for some post-interview feedback, but each time it has rung out or went to the answering machine. Hmm. How long after an interview is too long to request feedback?

Once I get home from my holiday, I’m going to apply for as many jobs as I can. I currently only work 10 hours a week and it’s just not enough. Not only is the money a bit rubbish, but I’m wasting my days away doing nothing through the week and can’t actually afford to do much.

That being said, this week is going to be a busy one! I have to go into Glasgow to collect my South African Rand tomorrow, spa day with my mum and sister on Tuesday, my first ever snowboarding lesson/experience on Wednesday, lunch with Amy and The 1975 on Thursday, Still Game on Sunday, and finally South Africa on the Monday!


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I graduated on Wednesday 25th June with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science with a Second Class Upper Division degree! I had the best day with my family and Scott & his family. After the ceremony I went out for lunch with my parents and Jayne then home for a quick nap then off out for dinner with Scott’s family. It was a really nice day. 🙂

Still searching for a job! I went to see if I could get job seekers allowance but  I earn too much even though I do well less than the maximum 16 hours per week. Boo. I’ve applied for about ten jobs in the past two weeks – both scientific jobs and ones to fill the time until I get a job relevant to my degree.