Free time

Here is a list of things that have happened since abruptly leaving my job on Tuesday:

  • I had a long lie. On a weekday. And done nothing all day.
  • I went to Dundee to visit my sister and bought things to make her new flat feel homely.
  • We found a potential new house. Scott and our families went to view it. He called solicitors and we sorted out an agreement in principle.
  • I went to Let’s Eat Glasgow and ate some amazing food.
  • I had an orange hot chocolate and felt instantly Christmasy.
  • I posted my zone card for a refund on the remaining three weeks that I no longer require for my notice period.
  • I posted more letters this week than I have in the past few years.
  • I tried weetabix and I can’t believe I refused it as a child. 
  • I tried some beer. Still disgusting.
  • I stopped hoarding empty perfume bottles. I really need to get more to replace the finished ones.
  • Bullet journalling.
  • Played games in a pub for the first time. Who knew staking mini plastic chairs was so fun.


Reykjavik. What a gorgeous place.

I didn’t realise it at the time of booking, but booking a holiday for the first week in March was the best idea we’ve had in a while. Just when I getting really tired of going to work in the dark, having to come home after the sun had set and working stupid amounts of over time, I had a week off. And it was absolute bliss.

We visited the amazing Blue Lagoon for a relaxing spa day before setting of on an adventure to find the Northern Lights. (We were unlucky, sadly!) And finally a wee jaunt around the Golden Circle. We were only there for five days but it was lovely. Smelled a bit mind you thanks to their water but it was lovely none the less.

Iceland, I’ll probably be back one day. My Northern Lights tour voucher is still valid for a couple of years so that’s the perfect excuse.



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Deciding to go to London for a house party seemed like a crazy idea. Then we did it. And it was mental. If everything had went to plan, it would have been an absolutely crazy excellent idea. Instead everything was against us but we still had a pretty great time. The worst part of the weekend by far was our flight home being delayed by two hours after we rushed to the airport fearing we were going to be late. Maybe next time we’ll stay for an extra day.

The Secret Forest

DSCN1006DSCN0987 DSCN099911698987_10153419339939407_990341742173384679_oTo celebrate our four year anniversary Scott and I visited Kelburn Castle & Country Park to take a stroll through the Secret Forest. There’s a giant’s castle, gingerbread house, a crocodile pool and a Chinese garden. It is most definitely aimed at kids but it’s still quite fun to explore. I used to go loads when I was wee and it’s the exact same now – although could do with a lick of paint since it’s looking a bit old and worn now.

We spent the rest of the day exploring the country park seeing the waterfalls before walking around Largs for a bit. We went home via Tesco and just chilled for the night which was really nice. 🙂

Go Ape!

Go Ape!

Bank holiday weekends mean extra days off which means more time for activities such as Go Ape! The plan was originally to make the drive to Aberfoyle on Monday but I ended up working Monday morning, so we changed things up a bit and went on the Sunday and out for lunch with Scott’s grandparents on the Monday instead. Go Ape was great although I do not like rope ladders or rope walls that you have to climb across but hey, I managed and I’m only a little bit sore today! I just don’t have the upper body strength it takes to pull yourself across.
Not going to lie, I think £31 per person is a little too expensive for the Tree Top Adventure but you are there for 2 to 3 hours, the long zip lines give you absolutely stunning views, and you get a wee certificate at the end which is always nice. I would definitely recommend a wee visit, unless you’re absolutely terrified of heights!


  IMG_7941 IMG_7946 IMG_7971 IMG_7975 IMG_7977 IMG_8021 IMG_8067

We spent a few days of our second week in South Africa in Pretoria. What a lovely city filled with gorgeous Jacaranda trees. We spent an afternoon at the zoo before getting to go and play with three lion cubs that were only four months old at the Farm Inn! It only cost 100 Rand and lasted 20 minutes but it was well worth it. They play with each other biting them as hard as they can as it doesn’t hurt them, but it does hurt humans! Most bites I didn’t feel as they were on more padded areas such as my thighs or my bum, but I was bitten in the ribs after one of the cubs sneaked up behind me and took me down. It was very painful and the mark is still there three weeks on! Good story to tell people, eh? I don’t really mind too much though cause it was still loads of fun. 🙂