Festive Fun

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t find Christmas Day relaxing. Not at least until the evening when I’ve done everything else I need to and I’m sitting in front  of the tv, probably in my pyjamas, eating from a tub of sweets gifted to me that day (probably Roses). I usually end up falling asleep during the Christmas episode of Doctor Who.

There’s just so much to do that I don’t seem to have time to just sit about doing nothing enjoying the gifts I’ve been given that day. I don’t even have to worry about cooking dinner or having the whole family round the house, so I can’t even imagine how busy and stressed the people who do must feel.

My normal Christmas Routine goes like this:

  • Get up, mega early of course because I’m too excited to sleep
  • Open presents once everyone is up
  • Eat or be forced to eat a breakfast which is not chocolate
  • Be rushed into the shower
  • Go to my aunts house to see the family
  • Home and tidy up the mess from the present unwrapping
  • Dinner
  • Sleep in front of the TV

This year is a bit different though, as I’m having Christmas dinner at Scott’s parents house. So, after seeing my family in the morning, it’s home, tidy, wait for his relatives to pop over then go to his mum’s for the evening. No pyjamas and falling asleep in front of Doctor Who tonight!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Christmas and if you’re hosting that you manage to grab a few minutes to yourself without having to hide in the bathroom! 🙂

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Here are some things I’ve learned since getting the keys to my first house.

  • We need to get up at a reasonable time to open the blinds so people don’t know it’s not being lived in yet
  • We need to get up at a reasonable time because my dad and Allan who have been helping us start AT THE CRACK OF DAWN
  • Stripping wallpaper is a sweaty horrible mess when steam is involved
  • Wood chip wallpaper is the WORST and I will never be decorating any house I own with it ever
  • I know how to fill the holes in the walls and prepare them for painting with the use of pollyfilla and gyproc
  • Sanding is a messy, messy business. No matter how much you try and contain it, the stuff in the kitchen cupboard downstairs will still be covered in dust.
  • One bad game of League or Halo is enough to absolutely enrage Scott when he’s tired or stressed from working in the house.
  • You can stop squeaky floorboards by screwing every single one of them down to the rafters. I used about 500 screws in the master bedroom alone. But my goodness, what a difference it made.
  • Carpet is expensive
  • Christmas time isn’t an ideal time to move house/buy everything you need/only work part time.
  • Our elderly neighbours are the nicest people. We popped over to give them a Christmas present and stayed chatting for an hour and a half.
  • It’s all really hard work but once it’s all finished it’s definitely worth it.



25 seems like a good year so far. Things have been going quite well since my birthday in September. Not in every single aspect of my life, but overall things are pretty great.

As I briefly mentioned before, I quit my job. It was the most soul destroying environment I had ever been in and I am so much happier now that I’m out of there.  The long hours and the complete lack of life outside of work took its toll and I was exhausted all the time. I handed my notice in before my birthday, expecting to work until late September but it lead to a month gardening leave which meant I was now off for my birthday and could do whatever I wanted. Perfect.

I passed my driving test. First time. With the worst weather imaginable. I still don’t feel that sense of freedom everyone keeps talking about but that’s because I don’t have a car and I’m not insured on anyone else’s yet. Still stuck with public transport for the time being.

I started working back in Greggs. I was thrown in on my first day and it really does feel like I hadn’t left, but in a good way. I got back into the swing of things very quickly and it’s been such a laugh every day. I missed those ladies. It’s only temporary since I start my QA job in January but it’s something to do and it’s some extra money which really helps.

And lastly, the most exciting news of it all; Scott and I bought a house! An actual two bedroom house with a front and rear garden! What an exciting adventure. We’ve been making lists and starting to buy the things we need like a vacuum cleaner, kettle and toaster. We should be getting the keys at the start of December. I actually cannot wait.

So, here’s hoping things stay pretty good and that the other things which haven’t been great start to improve! 😀


Free time

Here is a list of things that have happened since abruptly leaving my job on Tuesday:

  • I had a long lie. On a weekday. And done nothing all day.
  • I went to Dundee to visit my sister and bought things to make her new flat feel homely.
  • We found a potential new house. Scott and our families went to view it. He called solicitors and we sorted out an agreement in principle.
  • I went to Let’s Eat Glasgow and ate some amazing food.
  • I had an orange hot chocolate and felt instantly Christmasy.
  • I posted my zone card for a refund on the remaining three weeks that I no longer require for my notice period.
  • I posted more letters this week than I have in the past few years.
  • I tried weetabix and I can’t believe I refused it as a child. 
  • I tried some beer. Still disgusting.
  • I stopped hoarding empty perfume bottles. I really need to get more to replace the finished ones.
  • Bullet journalling.
  • Played games in a pub for the first time. Who knew staking mini plastic chairs was so fun.

Hula Hoop


I bought a hula hoop. Yes, like the kids toy. No not actually a toy. I bought a weighted hula hoop for exercise purposes. If I can manage to drink a big bottle of water every day I reckon I can manage to fit at least 10 minutes of hooping into my day.

I’ve been reading on various sites that hooping is the way forward. I don’t really do any excessive currently and hooping is fun and I can do things at the same time like watch tv, read a book or something and I’m still benefiting. Pinterest is great for tips and different routines other than just hula hooping for 10 minutes. I’m lucky I have plenty of space in my bedroom and I don’t have to go block everyone’s view of the tv by using my hoop in the living room. The hoop is quite large and takes up a considerable amount of space so if you’re going to invest in one, make sure you have space to use it! (Or just use it outside.)

I woudn’t say I need to lose weight. This is more just to keep me at least a bit active. Apparently the results are amazing – people losing baby weight in weeks, spare tyres just vanishing. We’ll see about that, eh? My waist is currently 30″ and my hips being 34″. I’ll let you know if that decreases over time.

Today was day 2 and it hurt considerably more than day 1 to start with. I don’t know if it was because I’m feeling more sensitive today or because weighted hoops can cause bruising but either way, I definitely felt it.

I’ll let you know how I get on!


ImageThis month has been a busy one so far! On the 3rd of April I went to see Sarah Millican with Callum, who had bought me the tickets almost two years ago as a birthday present for my 21st. On the 4th I took Jayne to see Justin Timberlake as a late birthday present, the Saturday was Amy’s birthday and Steve’s surprise birthday party at his flat followed by paintballing on the Sunday for Susan’s birthday. I still have bruises on my legs from then and it was two weeks ago. It was brilliant though and I’d go again but it was expensive. The team we were against at first were just out to shot, harm and be general arseholes which wasn’t so nice. In the afternoon we played several games just within our group which was much more relaxed and more enjoyable. It was great, even though it was a bit of a miserable day. Sadly, I couldn’t go to the pub with everyone afterwards, but by the sounds of things they were all shattered and falling asleep after dinner so I didn’t miss too much.

The following week was my final coursework deadlines for uni including my final draft of my thesis. Since classes finished on the 11th, I’ve been studying as much as I can (with a couple of nights off to chill with Scott here and there) as my exams start on Tuesday. It’s safe to say I’m a little bit scared for these exams. If I fail then I cannot graduate in June and have to wait until I’ve passed the resit to then graduate in November. With that in mind, I still went to see McBusted last night and it turned out to be one of my all time favourite shows that I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a hell of a lot.

During all this madness, I finally booked my flights for my month long holiday in South Africa with my boyfriend. I’m not going to lie, even though I’m really excited about the trip I’m also a bit scared. Scott has to put up with me for a whole month. I’ve never been away from my parents for that long. Things are different over there, there are monkeys all over the place. Oh dear. I’m sure everything will be fine but at the moment I’m a little scared. I came across an elephant safari the other day (when I was supposed to be studying) which looked amazing! Need to start saving up my pennies so I can actually afford to do all the fun action packed things I want to do!

I have failed miserably in my attempt to run and eat healthily in the past week. Whilst studying I’ve found myself continuously snacking on biscuits and Whispas. Even though I’ve been going to bed at a reasonable time, I find it extremely difficult to drag myself out of bed to study or even run. I have a terrible habit of hitting snooze for about an hour and a half before actually moving and not actually getting started on uni stuff until after 12pm. No matter what time I get up at and I have no idea why.

Ahhh, better get back to studying! Feeling really under prepared for Tuesday.


My favourite kinds of days are the really lazy ones where I get to sit about in my pyjamas all day, preferably with my boyfriend, and someone makes me dinner then I can sit about more and watch episodes of my favourite shows. Sadly, today is not that kind of day.

I have six classes left at university before this semester ends. Six. Two of which are data analysis tests and another where an essay is due. This final year has flown by but it’s been filled with stress and essay writing, so I can’t wait for it to be over. I had a presentation and the first draft of my thesis to do last week, so this week should be less stressful.

After my test tomorrow I’m going to Fife with my boyfriend and his brother, then hopefully bowling in the evening.

I was supposed to go a run today with Jayne, but she was too lazy to get out of bed. We’re going to be using the NHS couch to 5k podcast in our attempts to get super fit before running Colour Me Rad in June. I’m hoping that by eating a bit more healthily and running on a regular basis, my skin will clear up a bit since I’m prone to breakouts. I’ll be posting updates on these things here.