Edinburgh Zoo Nights + Interviews

2015-06-05 21.14.26 2015-06-05 21.18.57

I went to see the Dinosaur exhibition at Edinburgh Zoo as part of Edinburgh Zoo Nights which are over 18’s only nights for a few days in the summer. It was fun even though we had limited time in the place and my friends are all fun sponges and wouldn’t let me get my face painted – face painting is the best! There was live music, singing, comedy, a silent disco, and loads of cupcakes, ice cream and alcohol kiosks around the park which was nice. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve been applying for tonnes of job recently. For a while I limited my job search to NHS jobs only which I know isn’t a good move but I was looking for jobs that weren’t just lab based and paid well. So in finding that I probably need to get experience from the not as wellย paying jobs means that I’ve applied to more and more of those. Good news is I was invited to two (yes, two!) interviews. The first one for a job with SNBTS and although I think the interview went all right, once I’d mentioned that I can’t drive, it went downhill pretty fast. So I highly doubt I’ll be offered that position since driving is essential to the post. The positive of the whole experience is that I now have experience in interviews. The only interviews I had ever had before was for Greggs and the last NHS one I attendedย I had to prepare a presentation – not your standard interview!
My next interview is next Wednesday, soย fingers crossed! I don’t know how people can come across as super confident in interview situations. I suppose practise makes perfect, or fake it till you make it, eh?


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