Go Ape!

Go Ape!

Bank holiday weekends mean extra days off which means more time for activities such as Go Ape! The plan was originally to make the drive to Aberfoyle on Monday but I ended up working Monday morning, so we changed things up a bit and went on the Sunday and out for lunch with Scott’s grandparents on the Monday instead. Go Ape was great although I do not like rope ladders or rope walls that you have to climb across but hey, I managed and I’m only a little bit sore today! I just don’t have the upper body strength it takes to pull yourself across.
Not going to lie, I think Β£31 per person is a little too expensive for the Tree Top Adventure but you are there for 2 to 3 hours, the long zip lines give you absolutely stunning views, and you get a wee certificate at the end which is always nice. I would definitely recommend a wee visit, unless you’re absolutely terrified of heights!


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