The Easter Weekend happened to be my first weekend not having to work in a very long time so to celebrate Scott and I went to Manchester!

After arriving on Friday and wandering about for hours, we decided to stay out of the rain and out of the hotel room by going to see Kingsman: The Secret Service at the cinema at The Printworks.

On Saturday we went to the Science Museum where we went on a steam train ride! The rest of the day was spent just wandering around the city sightseeing and window shopping. At night we visited The Comedy Store and enjoyed dinner and a show. We paid for a bar meal and not a two course meal and it turns out the only difference is we didn’t have a starter or a table cloth like every other table had. We just looked as though we were on a really cheap date which was not the case as it still cost us £30 each! The show was excellent, as expected since Trip Advisor rated The Comedy Store as the sixth best thing to do in the city. Shame the third comedian of the night wasn’t that funny, bordering on just offensive. The rest of the acts were top class though.

Sunday morning started with breakfast at Teacup with poached eggs on sourdough bread and some delicious loose-leaf “Sunshine Earl Grey” tea, complete with timer so I’d have the perfect brew. We spent roughly two hours here drinking tea and eating cake and cookies. We wandered around in the sunshine some more and came across a pub called The Oast House who were hosting an outdoor music festival which was lovely, although we were sitting in the shade so it got a wee bit chilly.
The afternoon was filled with excitement at Lock In Escape where we had to escape from a locked room using clues from around the room. Not only was I locked in a room, but I was locked in a jail cell within this room and handcuffed to the bars. Very stressful but so much fun!
I went to The Alchemist cocktail bar after a friend recommended that we should pay a visit. Yes, it was a little pricey but the cocktails were fascinating. Scott got “The Colour Changing One” which came as two separate liquids, one blue and one clear, which you mix together to form a steaming pink drink. Excellent.

Sadly, Monday was home time. We went for breakfast in the morning, popped to the shops where I bought a train whistle (because why the hell not) then boarded the train to Carlisle where we had to change for a replacement bus. The bus journey wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be but the air con wasn’t working on the bus which could have been a total disaster if the driver hadn’t opened what windows she could.

I had a great wee weekend and would definitely pay Manchester another visit in the future.



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