Darlia & Andrew McMahon

2015-02-25 12.53.26    2015-02-25 14.31.22

2015-02-25 15.51.47


This week has been a good one. It’s flown by, just like the rest of February. Wednesdays are Scott’s day off and this week it also happened to be my day off so we had some adventures. We made bacon and pancakes for breakfast before going to Glengoyne whisky distillery for a tour which included a wee taster of their 12 year old whiskey. After arriving home we made dinner and watched the final episode of Parks and Recreation. To finish off a brilliant day we headed to King Tut’s to see Darlia play. (Who were very good and you should check them out.)

Thursday saw the return of Andrew McMahon to the Oran Mor, so obviously Jayne and I were there. And he was excellent as always! It’s so good to seem him perform as a solo act, just him and his piano. I absolutely love listening to his songs stripped back and hearing old favourites such as Punk Rock Princess on piano without the rest of the band. Here’s hoping it’s not another two years before he returns to Glasgow.


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