New Year In Amsterdam

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After brining in the bells in Diemen at Dai’s eleventh floor flat with a spectacular view of the fireworks, Scott and I stayed in the Citizen M hotel in Amsterdam city centre. We got two free drinks on arrival, just for being a “citizen” which we didn’t realise until our last night! I highly recommend the Citizen M chain of hotels – just as long as your comfortable sharing EVERYTHING with the person you are staying with as the rooms aren’t very private for showing or going to the loo. But the beds are massive, the mood lighting is fab and the rain shower is amazing. The staff are always friendly and the bar is pretty good!

On New Years Day we had breakfast at Anabelle’s where Dai made us pancakes (which are amazing with chocolate sprinkles – “so Dutch” apparently!) then we walked around the city observing the Festival of Light which is on at the moment. Dotted all over Amsterdam there are huge light exhibitions, some of which are interactive, some are in the canals, there’s even one in the sky. (We couldn’t see it but the sign assured us it was there.)

Day 2 Scott and I went to the House of Bols Experience and learned all about Genever and Bols liqueur. It’s an interactive tour with tasting, smelling and drinking involved. After you’ve smelled each flavour of liqueur you pick your favourite two and get taster shots at the bar at the end, along with a full sized cocktail of your choice. The flavour of shots I picked were banana and passion fruit and both were amazing! I went for a peach cheesecake cocktail and I honestly think it’s the best cocktail I’ve had in my life. Scott had a whiskey sour and said it was brilliant too. I’d recommend paying the House of Bols a visit if you’re in the area.

We paid a visit to the Van Gogh museum which we got to skip the queue just by sheer chance that we arrived after one queue lane was filled and we got to go to another one. Later that day we went to the Rijksmuesum, the National Museum of the Netherlands. That museum is huge! That night we just had drinks in the hotel with Julie and Muzzy before watching a few of the movies on demand provided for free in the room!

On our final day we went to the Anne Frank Huis, We sadly had to queue for two hours since we didn’t get up early enough to be there for opening but it was worth it. We had ham and cheese pancakes for lunch then walked to Centraal since we hadn’t made it that far into the centre yet. Sadly we could only walk about for a short period before having to get the tram back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and head for the airport. Such a good wee holiday in the Dam! There’s so much more to do so I will definitely be paying the city another visit in the future!

P.S all of these photos were taken by me on my new camera! No more relying on others for decent photos! πŸ˜€


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