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We spent a few days of our second week in South Africa in Pretoria. What a lovely city filled with gorgeous Jacaranda trees. We spent an afternoon at the zoo before getting to go and play with three lion cubs that were only four months old at the Farm Inn! It only cost 100 Rand and lasted 20 minutes but it was well worth it. They play with each other biting them as hard as they can as it doesn’t hurt them, but it does hurt humans! Most bites I didn’t feel as they were on more padded areas such as my thighs or my bum, but I was bitten in the ribs after one of the cubs sneaked up behind me and took me down. It was very painful and the mark is still there three weeks on! Good story to tell people, eh? I don’t really mind too much though cause it was still loads of fun. 🙂


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