Busy Week



This week has been an exciting one. Since I only work weekends, weekdays are not too interesting as all I seem to do is watch Netflix and apply for jobs. Everyone works through the week so I don’t often have plans.

My parents were on holiday from work this week and went on days out here and there, but not with me. On Monday I went to Glasgow and picked up my South African Rand, exchanged my dress at Next, bought thank you cards and met Jayne after college.
Tuesday was a nice relaxing day at Bowfield Spa with my mum and sister. There was a deal on itison.com which meant we could get afternoon tea and a treatment as well as full use of the spa facilities for the day for quite cheap. The tea was lovely and the massage was amaziiiiiiing.
On Wednesday morning, Jayne and I went for our first ever snowboarding lesson. It was a lot of fun but I didn’t manage to complete all of the first lesson. Apparently, I’m meant to be able to go down the slope backwards (controlled!) in a zigzag pattern. I cannot do this. I can go down the slope backwards at some speed and in no way controlled. I collided with someone else on our lesson and crashed very fast into the barriers separating the training slope and the main slope – but it was SO FUN. Scott was there too getting to watch the madness unfold. The lesson was also a deal and included lunch, which was lovely.
Thursday brought lunch and ice cream with Amy and seeing the 1975 at the Barrowlands. I’ve seen the 1975 probably too many times but they are always excellent and this time was probably the best they have been. I love the way Matty is super concerned about the crowd and throws out water bottles for us all to share since we were all melting thanks to the ridiculous heat. Every single time I see Chocolate live, it takes me back to that very first time at King Tut’s. SO GOOD.

Friday and Saturday haven’t been too interesting in comparison. I went to Scott’s work to buy insect repellent, I worked my last couple of shifts before my holiday and I packed. That’s about as exciting as it gets. I’ve been continuously watching That ’70’s Show and watched the newest episode of The Middle. I love Netflix.


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