Big Weekend and the End of Uni!











1. I went along to Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Glasgow Green. Not going to lie, I actually slept through when the tickets went on sale but luckily a guy from my dad’s work got tickets and couldn’t go, so he gave the tickets to my dad who gave them to Jayne and I. I had the best day even though it rained a lot. It was really sunny between the periods of rain and I actually got a little bit sun burned.

2. My absolute favourites, The 1975, smashing it at the Big Weekend.

3. Paolo Nutini! Jayne and I saw everyone that was on the main stage with the exception of half of the Kings of Leon set, cause we went to see CHRVCHES and therefore missed out on Chris Martin joining Kings of Leon on stage. Boo! My project supervisor was at the entire event and told me that she really enjoyed Tinie Tempah which was a surprise!

4. Scott went to Belgium for the long weekend to visit a friend who is currently living there. He came over on Monday night with this marvellous slab of chocolate and many stories of their Brussels adventures. Definitely missed him whilst he was away.

5. I had a poster presentation at uni on Tuesday followed by an oral exam on Wednesday. I found out I had been selected for an oral exam at 11.30am on Friday by a phone call from the year head and I was the most nervous I had ever been in my life! I felt sick the entire bus journey into Glasgow and my legs were shaking uncontrollably. Horrible. My grade could not go down if I absolutely bombed the oral exam, but I did have the chance to increase my grade. It was over within 30 minutes and I thought it went okay, could have been much worse. I had to wait about in Glasgow until 5pm since that’s when the degree classifications were being put up on the noticeboard. During that time I got my personal copy of my thesis bound, met my friend Dawn for lunch and we sat in Cocktail and Burger for over an hour, went shopping, sat in George Square, went to GoMA (there was hardly anything to see, didn’t kill much time at all), and sat in Costa for a bit before sitting in the uni library, just waiting. Five o’clock finally arrived and I discovered I had been awared a second class degree, upper division. Which is higher than I was expecting so my oral must have went well! So unbelievably happy with that result.



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