“I’m on a roller-coaster that only goes up, my friend”

I got to be one of the lucky few that saw The Fault in Our Stars at one of the first screenings in the world a month before it’s released. I took my mum as my plus one cause she is a huge fan of the book and she hasn’t really been out much thanks to her sore foot. I thought after reading the book I’d be emotionally ready for the film but I was wrong! It’s hilarious and deeply emotional and very true to the book. I highly recommend that you go and see it when it’s out and take a whole box of tissues. Everyone that was there were ugly crying their hearts out. Afterwards, I couldn’t even talk about it. I just sat in silence looking at the screen for a minute or two. My mum was even breaking her heart in the queue to collect my phone! (We had to hand in any electronics which had the potential to record anything and our bags were searched, understandably)

Thanks John Green & everyone involved in the #littleinfinities screenings (& for a copy of the book, t-shirt, and the coconut water!)


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