A celebration, of sorts



I sat my (hopefully) last ever exam at university last Tuesday. So, to celebrate I invited some people out for cocktails in Ashton Lane. Unfortunately though, the majority of the people I invited cancelled last minute so it was just Scott, Callum, Andy, Alasdair and I. I had a good night none the less. Wednesday was a pretty great day – I got an email telling me that I’d won tickets to go see The Fault in Our Stars early, Kirsten and I had a long overdue catch up and went to the cinema, our team won the pub quiz for the first time in forever, and I got to chill with Scott for a bit. Thursday morning started by having a huge clear out of my room. Turns out I have like a million blank notebooks and empty folders. I planned on clearing out a whole bunch of clutter but I don’t really have too much to be throwing out. Some rearranging of shelves and binning loads of my bottom drawer helped make my room look a bit better though.
Even though I’m trying to save money, I went out a few times this week including on a pub crawl for Martin’s birthday and back to The Grosvenor Cafe on Sunday night to have some drinks with Ciaran since he was home.

I haven’t quite finished uni yet – I still have my poster to create, submit and present but that isn’t until the end of May, so I have a wee while yet.

I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix on my days off but sadly, Netflix doesn’t have whole series of things, just a few seasons which is a bit annoying, but hey.


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