My favourite kinds of days are the really lazy ones where I get to sit about in my pyjamas all day, preferably with my boyfriend, and someone makes me dinner then I can sit about more and watch episodes of my favourite shows. Sadly, today is not that kind of day.

I have six classes left at university before this semester ends. Six. Two of which are data analysis tests and another where an essay is due. This final year has flown by but it’s been filled with stress and essay writing, so I can’t wait for it to be over. I had a presentation and the first draft of my thesis to do last week, so this week should be less stressful.

After my test tomorrow I’m going to Fife with my boyfriend and his brother, then hopefully bowling in the evening.

I was supposed to go a run today with Jayne, but she was too lazy to get out of bed. We’re going to be using the NHS couch to 5k podcast in our attempts to get super fit before running Colour Me Rad in June. I’m hoping that by eating a bit more healthily and running on a regular basis, my skin will clear up a bit since I’m prone to breakouts. I’ll be posting updates on these things here.


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