Christmas songs are the greatest.

Cannot wait.
I went to the doctors today since I can’t eat without feeling sick and lost a lot of weight in the past couple of weeks. She took some blood to do some tests and gave me a bottle of Peptac. Let’s hope it works & they find out if something is up.

I do love receiving things in the post. Today, it was these little boxes from Shanalogic. Another part of my sister’s Christmas present has arrived! I have absolutely no idea what to get my dad this year. Or my papa. 
I’ve also started an application with BUNAC for their Summer Camp USA programme. I’m pretty bored here and want an adventure/something different than the usual routine. I haven’t mentioned to my dad yet, but when it’s almost done, I’ll let him know. I don’t know if he’ll be encouraging or not. Aw well. 
I’m loving this rainy weather. I even don’t mind the dark nights. I just need some fairy lights or something to decorate my room and make it nice and cosy. 🙂 


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