Wellies, Bowls and Raspberries.

I went shopping for some T in the Park essentials with Laura-Ann in Glasgow today. I bought this sexy pair of Hunter wellies and that bowl & spoon set (there’s four bowls, not one), a blanket/throw and socks from Primark.Also purchased was a lovely pair of shorts, a skirt and a hat from H&M.

Jayne had a friend over and they ate the last pizza from the freezer for dinner. So I asked my mum to take me to Morrisons for pizza, expecting a “no!” in response, but surprisingly she said yes. I got a delicious ham pizza all to myself. Well, ham and pineapple, but I don’t like the pineapple. it most definitely should NOT go on pizza. Aswell as pizza, I got this lovely box of berries. I had never tried raspberries until I munched on these. They taste nothing like raspberry flavoured things.

Oh, I’m far too excited about T in the Park! Only 14 days to go. ;D

Off to Jellybaby tonight at the abc. Round one, take two. Let’s hope we manage to make it in tonight. 🙂


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