Race for Life!

I got this after completing the 5K event at Holyrood Park, Edinburgh.

I look tiny next to Caron and Kirstie. 

“Look depressed!”

“Speak whale! I’ve perfected the noise.”

Struggling to pin Kirstie’s number to her onesie.

Updating twitter! 

My mum, Caron, me, Kirstie and Shannon.

Shannon, Jayne and Kirstie.

My back sign. 

The warm up was one of my favourite parts. Hilarious. I love the girl in front’s hair.

We stood out just a little bit.
So that’s another one of my 43 Things completed! Complete Race for Life (5K). 
Let’s attempt the 10K next time, hopefully in Glasgow. As fun as it was travelling to Edinburgh and back, it was exhausting and everyone was too tired on the way home. I slept from about 6pm to 1pm then got my pjz then went back to sleep until 6.30am this morning. I’m still tired haha. 5K isn’t even that far! We got like a million pictures of us taken because we stood out too. 
I totally recommend that you take part in a future Race for Life event. Totally fun and for a great cause. 🙂

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