Wake Me Up

One of my 43 Things, was to raise £100 for a charity, which I’ve managed to do for Cancer Research UK by taking part in Race for Life. Brilliant. You can still sponsor me here, even though I’ve reached my target. Every little helps. 🙂 Yeah, I had a target of £75 and not £100, but I honestly didn’t think I’d get more than £10. So, thank you if you donated. ❤ For an example of how Cancer Research UK has helped a member of my family, click here.

I’ve just finished working 9 days in a row doing a variety of jobs in the home. Last night when working a back shift in care, one resident said to me, “Cara, what even is your job?” and another said “You seem to be doing everything.” haha. So true. Jack of all trades I am. So glad to be off tomorrow. No long lies for me though, up early to get a train to Edinburgh for Race for Life. Then back at work for three days working earlies in care.

Rachel, Kirstie and I planned to go out on Thursday night to the abc and since I’d been working constantly, I was quite looking forward to a fun wee night out. Whilst planning on going out, I found out a bunch of folk I knew were also going so it’d be more fun than just the three of us. We queued in the cold for just over half an hour and finally got to the front where Kirstie and Rachel put their heels on and we all took out our ID. But, in the process of taking out our ID, Kirstie discovered she had no purse and with no purse, there is no ID. No abc for us. We went to McDonald’s and then a wee drive up Glennifer Braes and watched some cars in the distance and some planes landing. It looks so pretty. While in the car, we blasted some Disney songs, which was fun but still not as fun as a wee catch up with some folk in the abc. Aw well, shit happens. We’ll just have to check before we leave from now on that everyone has ID, haha.

On Friday at work, it was Frank’s birthday. He’s just in the home for respite. He’s lovely but he wasn’t feeling too well so didn’t come down to the dining room at lunch or dinner. Annette, the cook, baked a wonderful cake for him, his family and the residents so at dinner time, Kim, Mandy and myself went up to his room to sing happy birthday. Just as we were about to head up the stairs, the doorbell rang and many members of Frank’s family had arrived to see him and were witnesses to our awful singing. But everyone, including the rest of the residents, all got a piece of cake after dinner and Frank was well happy.  I love moments like that at work. 🙂

I’m going shopping on Thursday with Laura-Ann for stuff for T in the Park. Excited! 😀


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