Stop Hating Your Body

I’m seeing far too much hate for people’s own bodies on my tumblr dashboard recently. “Reblog if you hate your thighs”, “Reblog if you hate your figure”, “Reblog if you hate *insert other body part here.*” If it’s not posts like that, it’s posts saying how you will never be the best, never be the one he will pick etcetc. It’s not right.  People should not be hating on their bodies and putting themselves down. I’m not saying you’re not allowed to dislike something about yourself, I’m saying you shouldn’t despise it. Properly hating something about your body brings down your self-esteem and self-confidence. Instead of hating things, people should start focusing on what they do like about their body instead of being so negative. Stop thinking about how much prettier someone else is and stop comparing yourself to others. You are you. You are beautiful. I know you see these blog posts telling you that all the time, but seriously. If you stop hating on yourself, you will become more confident. Confidence is way more attractive.
When looking for a picture on weheartit that would go with this post, I found a ridiculous amount of depressing self-hating posts. It depresses me how much I see people hating on themselves. I don’t love my body entirely, but I don’t hate it. I try not to think about what I dislike, or if I do I try to think about how I can change that or change the focus from that. I used to be incredibly insecure and I had next to no confidence at all. I’m still not incredibly confident but I don’t let my body get to me like it used to. I still put myself down and think about how I suck at things, but I’m working on not doing that so much. Seriously, it’s so much easier to get on with life when you don’t hate yourself and you’re not constantly trying to hide cause you hate the way you look. 
If I can stop hating, so can you. You’ll look back at photographs of you this age one day when you’re like 60 and regret being not so self confident. You’ll look back and think how gorgeous you were and how you should have embraced it.
Embrace it.

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