Geddan-ing in George Square with some Nerdfighters.
Garage times for Amy’s birthday.
This week consisted of:
  • Partying for Amy’s 20th. Soo good! Such a good laugh AND Rachel was there! It was a great laugh, even if we did split up from Amy for ages.
  • The Blackout at the Garage. I’m pretty much in love with The Blackout. I can’t believe they were partying at the garage the night before and I didn’t bump into them! 😦
  • Finishing uni until September. I cannot believe I’m halfway through my course already. WHAT?
  • Buying a Greggs for the first time this semester on the way home on Thursday. I managed to last over 12 weeks. Be proud.
  • Having long lies ruined by Jayne and my papa. 
  • Melting in the heat at work.
  • Getting sunburnt whilst gathering in Glasgow Green with a bunch of Nerdfighters. Was weird being at a gathering with loads of folk I don’t know. I’m too used to having mini gatherings where I know everyone.
  • Melting at work in the heat again.
  • Breaking my wardrobe & getting my dad to fix it. Apparently it wasn’t broken. IT WAS.
  • Procrastinating.
  • VEDA-ing.
I hope you had a good week. 🙂

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