1. I never wear pink clothes or nail polish but today is an exception. 🙂

2. It snowed all day. It didn’t lie though. I really can’t stand snow anymore – it just causes chaos.

3. More snow.

4. My plan for today was to get up early and have at least half of my essay on “The Purpose of Vaccination” completed, but being ill wasn’t part of my plan. So I had a lovely long lie and then went for a bath. Not feeling much better to be honest. So my essay didn’t get done, although I did read over the chapter in the book and I know roughly what I want to say. I also haven’t started my Oral Glucose Tolerance Test lab report, but apparently that one won’t take me too long. I’m also in the process of researching stuff for my immunology tutorial tomorrow. Fun times.

A few weeks back my dad asked my sister and me why don’t we do the Race for Life. Then we basically decided to do it but it’d have to be the Edinburgh one cause Jayne is away on a Duke of Edinburgh hike or something the weekend of the Glasgow one. So today I text a whole bunch of people asking if they’d like to do it with me. I’d be walking it, there’s no way I’d manage to run it. So far only two people have replied saying yeah. One said they had no holidays left at work but they’d gladly sponsor me. An excuse? I don’t know. Awk well. It’s obviously not everybody’s cup of tea. I’m excited. It’d be fun. 🙂


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