My dad bought me this t shirt. I love it.

So basically this week I’ve been lazy and not done much coursework. I will totally regret this next week when my essay still hasn’t been started. I have an open book test on Monday. Fun times.
Everything was stopping me from getting to uni yesterday. The bus was half an hour late (when it’s supposed to be every 10 minutes, so it was packed), the bus driver didn’t know the road was still closed so we went on a detour to Morrisons to turn the bus, The road cleaner stopped me from crossing some roads and blocked my way to the station, the train was late and I felt majorly ill. Urgh.

I feel like I’m losing some people and I really don’t like it. It feels like they are making no effort at all, even though I am. I keep planning things but people either cancel or don’t reply. People really do suck sometimes.

I really want to see Twin Atlantic again. But people suck, so unless I’m willing to go myself, I probably won’t be going.

I was there with Caron. We were late and got lost then kept shouting “If you like the Caribbean guys!” I miss her.


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