Nandos’s and Example tonight with Fiona! It feels like forever since I last saw her. 😦

This week consisted of:

– Last minute cramming and lab report writing

– My presentation on Tumour markers, which I was properly crapping myself for. Hopefully it went okay. I was in 8 – 12 and was second last. I was dying of hunger halfway though. D:

– Tangled. I love it! Hilarious. Kirstie and I were sititng crying with laughter. I felt like crying at the sad bits too. I’m too emotional

– Reading. I bought some new books yesterday and I finished The Other Hand on Thursday after uni. All I did was read for the rest of the day.

– Shopping with my mum. Super fun. And I got two bottles of perfume which should have been ~£45 for ~£19. Life is good. I had a gift card form work to spend and there was a whole bunch discounts for that weekend only too. 🙂



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