My Perfect Imperfections

I watched a video by RaeNbowInMyPants and decided instead of making a video response, I’d write a blog instead.

So the idea is to list three things you don’t like about yourself then three things you do to make you feel better or whatever.


1. My skin. It’s awful and nearly always a mess. No matter what I do I always get loads of spots. It’s not too bad these days but still.

2. My teeth. They are extremely thin and there is no way to change that. Also, last time I was at the dentist, she pointed out that I have really small teeth. THANKS. :/

3. My inability to eat like a normal 19 year old. I seriously eat like a child. It’s more than a little bit ridiculous.


1. My figure. I don’t know why. I just do. Size 10 clothes pretty much fit me perfectly most of the time. Depending where the clothes are from though.

2. The natural colour of my hair. It can be really quite light blonde and I like it. A few hairdressers have told me they like my hair colour and someone once asked what colour of dye I used because they wanted theirs the same. haha.

3. My eyes. I like the colour and how it’s a mix of colours. Some days they are a bolder green and others they have a hint of yellow.

There isn’t too much I’d actually change about myself but that doesn’t mean to say I’m entirely happy with myself either. I’m still incredibly self-concious. But still.

Your go. πŸ™‚


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