So, Christmas was fun. The day started off awful because I had to get up super early and go to work. Lame. There wasn’t that much to do at work and I spent most of my shift up stairs in the lounge with all of the residents and staff whilst the resident Santa handed out presents. I loved seeing all the residents singing songs and being happy. Some were so happy they cried. It was the most amazing Christmas morning. Glad I could help spread some joy and be productive instead of just sitting at home, lazing about opening presents although, that would have been fun.
After work, I opened the presents my parents had got me which included loads of lovely jumpers, cds, Toy Story 3 and a couple of giraffes and some meerkats from the Early Learning Centre. Love it. šŸ˜€
I went to my papa’s house after that for the annual family gathering. Since I’ve left school, I don’t get presents any more so I was quite surprised when my aunty Lynn gave me a Braehead voucher. Apparently, because I’m still in education she thinks I should get something (and because she feels bad giving Jayne something and not me.) My uncle Jim asked, “Does this mean I owe you 2 years worth of presents then?” Yes. Yes he does.
The only problem with Christmas dinner was that we had turkey and not chicken. I love chicken. Oh well, dinner was still good.
I was far too excited for Doctor Who. I cannot wait for the new series.

Jayne got me this hug-mug-type-thingy and I love it! She also got me that little handmade guardian angel thing. It’s adorable.

I watched Michael Buble live at Madison Square Gardens on VH1 last night. I actually love that man’s voice. I’ve been listening to ridiculous amounts of him on Spotify all night. ā¤


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