I finished uni for the Christmas holidays on Wednesday 15th with an exam in Microbiology which consisted of an essay and 5 questions. Since I had a class test that consisted of an essay the previous Thursday which lasted 45 minutes and I didn’t get my essay finished, I thought I had no chance of finishing this essay in the exam. My essay was considerably shorter and more crap, so I managed to write it in 20 minutes leaving the rest of the time free for the questions. I really hope I passed. I’m not up for resitting in August.

Hazel had organised a uni night out for the Thursday at Lakota in Glasgow. I had no idea where I was going but Scott said he knew, so it was okay until we got there and couldn’t find it because it had recently changed it’s name. There was meant to be 28 of us, so we booked tables and meals in advance but 7 people didn’t turn up so because the meals were still cooked, we were charged for their meals too. It wasn’t so bad since it meant it was only Β£6 each, but if they had turned up it would have cost us only Β£3. The food and service wasn’t that great. The menu said it was a buffet, but it was just a plate with a bit of everything on it which was cold and not actually that nice. There was chocolate fudge cake for desert though. Β The music was a little bit too loud since we had to scream at each other to be heard, but it was still a good night.

There were more of us, they just weren’t in this picture.

On the 1st of December I went to see Joe Brooks at King Tut’s with Fiona, Michaella, Jayne and my mum. Laura-Ann was meant to be there too but because of the snow, she had to go home or there would be no chance of her actually getting home. Joe Brooks was great, as always although the crowd talking over him really did bug me. Oh well, there’s nothing that you can do there. His support, Mike Dignam was pretty good too. I’d heard of him before since I was friends with him on pretty much every social network site I’m on but I’d never seen him live before and he had his first album up for free download on bandcamp.com so I was aware of his music. After his set Fiona, Michaella and I spoke to him for a bit. He seems lovely. He gave us free copies of his acoustic ep and signed them. I’m going to see him again in March with Fiona. I bought her a ticket for Christmas.

I spend probably far too much money at Christmas on presents for people. I’m always skint this time of year. I’m so glad I’ve finished uni. I can just sit about and watch films all day or read books. It’s great.
I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind last night. I don’t think I could ever erase someone from my memory. Maybe I would do some things a little bit differently if I got to start over with some people, but I’d never erase them completely.
Today I’ve watched 101 Dalmatians and now Peter Pan. I think I’ll just make my way though all the classic Disney movies. πŸ™‚

My dad got a new car recently and since it’s smaller than the one he had before, the size of Christmas tree we usually get won’t fit in the car anymore. So right now, we still don’t have a Christmas tree and I have no idea if my dad even plans on getting one. I want one. It won’t be the same waking up on Christmas and going to open presents in the living room when there isn’t a tree. Oh, I’m working on Christmas this year. It’s only four hours though so it’s not so bad. So on Christmas, I’ll have work and then, most likely, as soon as I get home, go to my papa’s house and see the rest of the family on my dad’s side. I told Jayne she couldn’t open her presents unless I was there too and she’s not too happy since it means it probably won’t be until late afternoon. Oh well. Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait. πŸ™‚


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