Best of 2010 (in pictures)

-That time I stroked a poster at The Garage in remembrance of Caron.

-Aviemore times.

– That time in London when we couldn’t stop singing “it’s a picture of my cock, on your computer”

– Fiona’s birthday

– That time The Higher watched my Histrionics video and called it the “official video” :D!

– That time I was a robot.

– That time Scott passed out at the Biomed BBQ

– That time in London the cup was bigger than my head

– Hockey times

– Gathering times

– Post-it monsters and Demi Lovato times.

– That time I discovered the Nando’s Skank

– That time I sucked at bowling

– That time Kirsten got kicked out for being too drunk and Caron left me for some guy (who is now her boyfriend) and Niall and me were looking for her at 5am in Glasgow

– Suited up times

– Sun times

– Various garage times

– Arguing with Callum and Helen at the YM@S aftershow cause they were making me go home ridiculously early

– Hats!

– That time we waited on a taxi for two hours at 4.30am with some uni people and I went to work an hour after I got home

– Gathering times

– Claire’s Cuppa Tea? gig

– More gathering times

– Duncan’s 18th

– New Year at Laura-Ann’s

There was loads more than this though. This was a good year. 😀


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