Thursday and Friday.

Yesterday was good. I almost fell asleep in the 3 hour gap I had, but hey. The couches are comfy. Lostprophets are Kids In Glasses houses were SO GOOD. 😀
I lost Scott and Paul and the girl they were with. :/ As soon as the crowd started to go insane the dived for the front.
Laura-Ann had an upstairs standing ticket 😐 So we had to sneak her in to the floor bit. Scotrt and me went in and Scott had to subtally take my ticket but instead made it super obvious in this hug he attempted ahaha. It worked anyways.

So today, I got a lovely email which said this:


I think it’s weird that I did the best in Chemistry. My dad was like “shows you studied that more because you didn’t know it so well.” True I suppose. I didn’t sit the Human Biology exam, I got exemption, so that result is made up of class tests and coursework. The CAB one is coursework and the exam.


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